TDC STructure TDC STructure TDC Structure TDC STructure

This software links needs and solutions

The 'organizational' view of the system
classification, Internal function analysis,
Functional Block Diagram and Functional Analysis Chart

A standardized approach

TDC Structure is a software meant to assign service functions to components of the various technical solutions the designer imagined.
The functional block diagram (FBD) helps you identify the internal technical functions (closed flow) inferred by the design. These functions will then be handled in TDC FMEA if an FMEA is your goal.
The Functional Analysis Chart (FAC) allows you to assign component costs to the functions.

A standardized approach
Evolution management

Handling the traceability

All the data (solutions, components, technical functions,...) are traceable. Thanks to the access to all the dates, authors and contents of the changes, you can, for instance, filter all data not having been changed since the latest project review or list up the successive evolutions of a particular task.

Enhanced responsiveness

Using the videoprojector during the work sessions and tools such as components tree (classification), FBD, FAC facilitates the workgroup reflection. Responsiveness is also gained via performing and changing during the work session. Document and 'to do' action sharing on the intranet TDC Portal helps gain efficiency between the work sessions.

Engineering data consistency

Engineering data consistency

The consistency of the engineering data is ensured by the data sharing between the various tools during the design process: External (FPS) and internal (FBD -FAC) functional analysis, Design FMEA, Process FMEA, monitoring plan, process flowchart, specific features, fault tree, etc.


You can directly enter the data into the product environment and the service functions into their life steps, or retrieve them from TDC Need and place them on the FBD graph (Functional Block Diagram).

Creating the product classification and components and contacts features between the components.

You can assign service functions to the components and create closed flows (design technical functions).

FBD / sub-FBD link.

Component cost dispatch to the functions with the FAC (Functional analysis chart) to lead a Value analysis.

Link with the Functional quotation and your classification / PDM.

Copy/paste from FBD.

Impact assessment of a component change done via automatic generation of a MS Word report, listing all affected engineering data.

Automatic generation of a break-down tree : life phases, functions, Product FMEA components in TDC FMEA.

Graphic filters (all changes in the study since or at a given date, etc.)

Function, performance criteria, ... library management.

Multilingual management of the study data.
Interfaces available in: French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese.


Paper printouts directly from MS Word and Excel or XML format.

Facilitator annotations: comments on the workgroup life, 'to do' tasks or links to files or URL.

Tasks input and function characterization done by workgroup members, off meeting.

TDC Structure is useful to implement the following standards and regulations:

  • FMEA Product
  • APTE method

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TDC Structure belongs to Robust Engineering Suite and to Medical Device Suite